Advertising Specification

Advertising in the Justice Oputa Annual Conference Program Book will give your company maximum exposure and presence throughout the conference. The Program Book is distributed to all full registered conference participants and is the attendees’ go-to guide for all three days of the convention—and beyond.

DISTRIBUTION: 1,200 in registration bags to each full registeredconference attendee.

Note: Ad submissions that DO NOT follow exact size specifications may have the image cut off. Please be sure to submit ads with the correct specifications to avoid changes to your artwork. It would be acceptable and appropriate to customize your sponsorship page to be of a congratulatory nature recognizing the event or JOF.Another option would be to have in small print somewhere on the sponsorship page the following: ([Company Name] is a proud sponsor of the JOAC 2018 event.

Resolution, Line Screen, and Density: Ads must be at least 150 line screen and at least 300 dpi.

Size Conditions: We reserve the right to modify the size of an ad if it is different from our specifications.

Electronic Ad Submissions: Submission of ads in electronic format is the preferred method. Ads delivered via email should not exceed 5 MB. All mailed ads must be supplied on a CD-ROM. Please include a printed directory on each disc so that its contents may be easily identified.

Ads will only be accepted in one of the following formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator: Text must be converted to paths. Please include all images and fonts.
  • Macromedia Freehand EPS: Text must be converted to paths. Please include all images and fonts.
  • Acrobat PDF: Acrobat PDF with all fonts embedded and press optimized. Please include all images and fonts.

FULL PAGE: BLACK AND WHITE /VERTICALONLY: Corporate rate: N500,000.00/ Government: N600,000.00/Non profit rate: N300,000.00.Ad size (no bleed): 7.5” X 10” Trim size: 8.5” X 11” HALF PAGE: BLACK AND WHITE

Send hard copy materials to:  JOAC Attn: Bassey Essien, Re: -4b Umuahia Close, Area 11, Abuja FCT or via email:

Subject: JOAC 2018 Advert.

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