Information Deadline & Due Dates to Note

Deadline to submit sponsorship commitment form is 15th November, 2018. Deadline for program book advert 15th November, 2018, and Last day to reserve hotel rooms at the conference rate is 30th November, 2018.

Publication Dates

Please take Careful Note of the Deadlines On This Page. Once you have decided to sponsor or advertise at JOAC’s 2018 Conference, please complete and return either the Sponsor commitment form.

You will be contacted by JOAC with further instructions about the registration process.

Thank you for your support of JOAC 2018 Event.

We look forward to seeing you in Abuja!

For more information contact:+2348163727415 or at

Note: Ad submissions that DO NOT follow exact size specifications may have the image cut off. Please be sure to submit ads with the correct specifications to avoid changes to your artwork. It would be acceptable and appropriate to customize your sponsorship page to be of a congratulatory nature recognizing the event or JOF. Another option would be to have in small print somewhere on the sponsorship page the following: ([Company Name] is a proud sponsor of the JOAC 2018 Event.

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