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On the basis of the Supreme Court to Overule itself*
We are final not because we are infallible,rather we are infallible because we are final* Justices of this Court are human beings,capable of erring. *It will certainly be shortsighted arrogance not to accept this obvious truth. It is also true that this Court can do inestimable good through its wise decisions. Similarly, the Court can do incalculable harm through its mistakes*. When therefore it appears to learned counsel that any decision of this Court has been given per incuriam, such counsel should have the boldness and courage to ask that such a decision be over-ruled. This Court has the power to over-rule itself (and has done so in the past) *for it gladly accepts that it is far better to admit an error than to persevere in error*.Learned counsel has not asked us to over-rule either Skenconsul or Ezemo supra.If that was wanted, the Brief should have said so specifically and the Chief Justice of the Federation would have gladly empannelled a full Court”
Per *Oputa* JSC as he then was in *Adegoke Motors vs. Adesanya* (1989 3N.W.L.R(Part 109 274-275
For Review and Presentation 4th of December 2018 Transcorp Hilton Abuja.