Justice Oputa Foundation, in partnership with Nigeria Governors’ Forum, presents the maiden Justice Oputa Annual Conference to promote dialogue on good governance, rule of law and sustainable development.

Date: December 4, 2018
Time:  10am
Place: Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria.

Conference theme:
Governance, Law and Development.

“Why Good Governance Matters.”
“Sanctity of the Rule of Law.”
“Sustainable Development.”

Conference seeks to:

  1. Draw the attention of a wide spectrum of Nigerian and African audiences of the necessity for, and insistence on, good governance for the promotion of accountability, transparency, efficiency and rule of law at all levels of governance.
  2. Reinforce the essence and sanctity of the supremacy of the rule of law, equality of all citizens before the law, accountability of all to the law.
  3. Outline how to achieve sustainable development goals by ensuring public and private sectors apply sustainability principles in policy making to ensure service delivery.

Expected outcomes:

  1. Shared understanding that good governance:
  2. Starts with getting the right people in positions starting from the approaching 2019 elections-and that leadership should be defined by character, competence and capacity.
  3. Adherence to the sanctity of the rule of law.
  4. Shared knowledge and lessons from other climes that will lead to:
  5. Development of a framework for inserting sustainability principles to public policy to deliver on promises.

For Whom:

  • Policymakers, development partners, diplomatic corps, political associations, bi-lateral associations, researchers, civil society organizations, political organizations, and public office aspirants, scholars, private sector players, and other key stakeholders.
  • For professionals from all management levels of government who are interested in strategy and leadership within all public sector organizations.
  • Legal, judicial officers interested in developing deeper insights into the principles of the Rule of Law, as well as growth and sustainability strategies for their law firms.
  • Financial services providers seeking new insights into the formulation of financial service decisions for assured sustainability.
  • Tax authorities, personal and corporate taxpayers, consultants, researchers and students seeking tax transparency and accountability for Sustainable Development.
  • The energy and extractive industries seeking to competitively minimize their negative impacts and enhance their positive impacts on society, the environment and economy.
  • The culture and creative players seeking policymakers and private sector buy-into unleash creative energies of the industry on the path of sustainability.