A: Justice Oputa Foundation, the Planning Committee; Event Consultant, reserve the right to accept or reject any application for sponsorship at its absolute and unfettered discretion with the return of any deposit paid.

  • Company advertisements and satchel inserts are subject to approval from the Conference Planning Committee.
  • All sponsorship/exhibition packages are VAT inclusive.
  • Payment Terms – 50% deposit required prior to confirmation of sponsorship. 50% final instalment required by September 29, 2018. An Invoice will be sent.
  • Allocation

Sponsorship and exhibition packages, which may be limited in number, will be generally allocated to those organizations who apply earliest. Allocation of sponsorship packages and booths regardless of the preference indicated, and alteration of the floor

plan is at the discretion of the Justice Oputa Foundation, the Conference Planning Committee and Event Consultant, whose decision will be final.

Cancellation Policy

Once an Acceptance Form has been received, any cancellation must be advised in writing to Event Consultant. If the cancellation is received up to 2 months before the event an administration fee of 25% of the total price is retained.

If the cancellation is received less than 2 months prior, no refund is applicable.

Detailed Requirements and Due Dates:

The Conference Planning Committee requirements regarding the artwork for logos and

advertisements, specifications and delivery details for signage, arrangements for static display, delivery of satchel inserts or other arrangements will be sent to you in a confirmation letter at a later date with relevant due dates.

In the event that materials, information or artwork required by the Planning Committee are not received by the designated due date, their use for their intended purpose cannot be guaranteed. The value of these entitlements will not be refunded if this is the case.

Logos will be requested in PDF, .jpg and .eps format, at least high resolution 300dpi.

Should an alternative format be received, the Planning Committee cannot be held responsible for the quality of the logos displayed in any of the promotional material.

Exceptional Circumstances The Justice Oputa Foundation, and Planning Committee reserve the right to change the venue and duration if exceptional circumstances demand. In the event of a change of venue and/or duration, the agreement to participate will remain in force as long as the sponsor/exhibitor is informed at least one month before the planned conference. The Justice Oputa Foundation and Planning Committee will use reasonable endeavours to remedy the impact of exceptional circumstances.

Exhibitor Display Rules

The Planning Committee and Conference Organizer shall determine the hours during which the exhibition shall be conducted and as to hours of access for exhibitors including variations of such times as shall be necessary.

The exhibition booth is to be fully manned and operational and removal or change in any of the areas will not commence, until after the exhibition closes on December 4, 2018. No advertising material, such as banners, are allowed outside the designated booth area.

Excessive noise that inconveniences other exhibitors or the conference will not be allowed. The Planning Committee and Conference Organizer will be the judges as to whether there is an annoyance.

No obstruction of any form will be allowed in the aisles and walkways. While companies are encouraged to pursue novel methods of attracting people with their stand, practices disadvantaging other companies or detracting from the exhibition will be discouraged.

The sponsor/exhibitor will acknowledge that the Planning Committee and Conference Organizer and Transcorp Hilton Hotel will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the sponsor’s / exhibitor’s property and that all exhibitor material and equipment is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.